Building a better Racehorse

Building a Better Racehorse — Exceed Equine, Inc. Launches Standardbred Training Center Utilizing State-of-the-Art Training Tools at Dream Big Stables in New Egypt, NJ

March 15, 2022ยท3 min read

Facility will develop, test, and scientifically validate cutting-edge technologies and protocols for safely achieving maximum racing
performance from Standardbred equine athletes

NEW EGYPT, N.J., March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/

New-age equine athlete experts Exceed Equine today announced the opening of its equine evaluation and training center at Dream Big Stables in New Egypt, New Jersey. The facility was launched with a mission to disrupt the $64.9B equine performance industry with an infusion of science-driven technology, performance biomechanics, and analytics, initially focusing on the Standardbred segment of the horse racing industry.

Exceed Equine is developing and co-developing new technologies, custom feed regimens, supplements, training programs, therapy devices, and other protocols that can significantly enhance the performance of racehorses and open up limitless opportunities for the entire equine sports market,” said Exceed Equine founder and CEO Michael Calderone, a 30-year veteran of the racing industry and former chief marketing officer for the largest operator of racetracks in North America.

In order to properly evaluate the cutting-edge technologies it works with, Exceed Equine has established a well-balanced stable of Standardbred horses in a variety of classifications. “Every performance tool, training protocol, and nutritional enhancement that we develop is applied to our own horses and the results are carefully monitored,” said Calderone. “We feel that our ability and willingness to demonstrate proof-of-concept for our performance enhancing techniques and protocols using our own million-dollar stable of Standardbreds is what sets us apart from other trainers and training facilities whose processes and services too often lack cutting-edge scientific protocols.

Calderone said that New Egypt’s Dream Big Stables is the ideal venue for Exceed Equine’s new training center. “The facility management team and its staff are exceptionally good-hearted and completely dedicated to the care and wellbeing of the horse. The facility is very traditional, but there is a beauty about it as well as a sense of mystique, and the horses just love it there. It allows us to incorporate the future of racing with all the new technologies and processes we’re introducing and blend them with the tradition and history surrounding horseracing,” said Calderone. The difference between winning and losing very often comes down to a fraction of a second. Although Exceed Equine is all about achieving maximum performance from the equine athletes and delivering a winning edge, Calderone emphasizes that the training center’s first and foremost objective will always be the health, safety, and well-being of the horses.
Tours of the facility will be available in April to the media on request.


Although officially founded in 2020, Exceed Equine has been in development for many years. Company founder and CEO Michael Calderone has 30 years experience in the horseracing industry including three years as CMO for the largest racetrack operator in North America. His company’s mission is to disrupt the performance horse industry by developing, scientifically validating, and making available cutting-edge technologies that increase the value of performance horses by greatly extending their careers. Exceed Equine’s multidivision enterprise includes the management, care, and training of its own stable of Standardbred racehorses that showcase the performance advancements made by utilizing the company’s cutting-edge technologies.

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