Our mission

To become the most trusted and recognized brand delivering the best of cutting-edge technologies for performance horses globally, validated by proprietary processes supported by science and proven effective through our stable of racehorses, owned by our shareholders who drive our efforts to raise awareness for best in care Equine practices

Listen. Learn. Engage. Enhance

Our process opens limitless opportunities to the entire equine sports market.


Utilizing the latest in sensor technology, we listen when our equine athletes speak.


Through proprietary technology, we hear and understand what they say.


A communication has been established. Interactive processes begin.


The result. Products and services scientifically proven to enhance performance and longevity.


Gaining the edge.
Maintaining the respect.

From our advanced performance biomechanics and analytics to how comfortable our Equine athletes sleep at night. Every aspect of wellness is measured, analyzed and improved using the most advanced science, technology and innovation to produce results and insights previously unattainable. We have raised the bar on performance metrics through our model.

Though enhancing performance of equine athletes is what we do, our primary goal will always be their health and welfare first. A relationship built on trust and never violated.


Scientific Validation & Medical Accuracy

Exceed Equine is the largest aggregator of real time data for performance horses. The capturing and understanding of that data opens endless opportunities from predicting performance capabilities and limitations to identifying potential lameness issues before they escalate. Also, in conjunction with therapy protocols for fast and effective recoveries to state-of-the-art training techniques to maximize performance and longevity without increasing stress to offering the best in retail products that support peak performance.

How sure are we it works? We do it all first on our own stable of race horses!


Continuous Innovation And Product Development

We are building our processes around continuity and consistency.  In this environment we can confidently and continuously improve what we develop and/or validate, ensuring the delivery of best-in-class products and services for the equine athlete.

We pledge to stay one step ahead of the competition and will always offer the best-in-class, scientifically-validated products and services to the equine performance market.  We are the only brand that puts its money where its mouth is by utilizing these same products and services on our own stable of racehorses.

A Multi $Billion Industry Ready For Disruption

$300 Billion

Often referred to as “one of the biggest industries that is hidden in plain sight” the annual global impact of the equine industry as a whole is in excess of $300 billion. The USA is responsible for 1/3 of this impact or just over $100 billion.


Exceed Equine, although initially targeting the Standardbred racing market, we are committed to improving performance and longevity of all aspects of equine sport, benefiting athletes and their owners in their chosen discipline.


Our product offerings and service packages are both specifically targeted and tailored to individual needs and results, as well as being flexible enough to produce supernormal results for all sport horses

The horse has an amazing ability to communicate.  Exceed Equine understands his language, opening limitless opportunities in the entire equine sports market.



Join us as we celebrate an animal like no other

Exceed recognizes the Horse as a major contributor to humanity. They provided transportation, delivered our mail and even carried us into battle. The horse should be recognized as a dependable partner for life, deserving the same respect and admiration we give our pets.

JOIN US on this amazing journey by participating in our crowd funding offer. Our Innovation and science will protect these animals while the products and services we develop financially reward shareholders.

When exceed horses win, you win!

The icing on the cake is shareholders stake their claim as owners of racehorses, providing heart- pounding, exhilarating fun week after week.

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