A new range of bespoke service packages

Whether it’s performance evaluation, gait analysis, rehab and recovery, or a combination, Exceed Equine offers a wide range of customizable service packages.  Utilizing the latest tools available in conjunction with our proprietary technology, rest assured you’ll gain a competitive edge.


Achieving full athletic competitive ability begins with understanding that each horse is a unique individual. 

The most important components to maximize competitive performance while ensuring the health and safety of the animal begin with knowing their genetic physical and mental limitations along with potential medical conditions.  Our service packages will help you achieve this.

Exceed Equine Service Packages


An analysis of yearlings or horses whose performance is questionable yet appear sound.  Utilizing sensor technologies, our high-speed treadmill and other devices, we have the ability to profile a horse’s maximum potential performance level.  Included is a mental analysis to further determine not only the horse’s physical ability but his mental willingness to excel.

Lameness Evaluation

Utilizing our high-speed treadmill, our sensor program and multi-wave ultrasound we have the ability to clearly identify lameness at its earliest possible stage avoiding severe and/or catastrophic injuries.  We also have a two-step process that allows us to track specific injuries and their recovery process allowing the horse to return to work at the soonest possible time.

Mental and Physical Evaluation

Unlike a traditional physical exam, this particular process is actually a communication between the horse and the handler.  By utilizing our sensor programs and our training tools, we can identify physical and mental disabilities / limitations. This particular program monitors your horse 24/7 and allows us to build a data profile of the horse and, as we implement, change or adjust everything from training to consumption, we can determine the best course of action.  This service is 100% driven by objective data analysis.

Heart and Respiratory Analysis

The ability to ensure your animal has no deficiencies in his heart and lungs.  By utilizing a combination of our tools, we can detect if your equine athlete has physical limitations that can not only affect his performance but can be detrimental, as well.

General Chemistry Services

With the assistance of our veterinarian, we can determine certain blood chemistry levels that have a direct correlation with performance.  In addition, we obtain blood lactate levels, VO2Max, stride length, stride rate, maximum heart rate, and a 24-hour observation package.

Stem Cell Recovery Package

Stem Cell Recovery Package – Horses with soft-tissue or joint deterioration may benefit with stem cell injections given by our veterinarian.  We offer the most efficient and effective follow-up protocol that incorporates all our cutting-edge therapy tools and rehab training equipment while simultaneously being monitored by the latest in ultrasound technology. 

General Rehabilitation

Working with our veterinarian during the recovery process of your horse, providing full access to all of our rehabilitation and training tools to not only speed up recovery, but also lessen the chance of a recurring injury and also controlling stress levels in the animal. 

Hypoxy Training

Hypoxy training (altitude training) has been scientifically proven to not only enhance aerobic power and stamina, but to also protect the pulmonary system.  Exceed Equine offers the only fully-encapsulated hypoxy stalls in the Northeast.  Advantages include increased oxidative enzymatic capacity raising anerobic thresholds, increasing the strength of respiratory muscles and improving breathing efficiencies, increasing red blood cells, increasing VO2Max and oxygen consumption, providing maximum recovery after high-intensity workouts (decreasing stress). 

High-Speed Interval Training

Utilizing the most efficient high-speed treadmill in the world, Exceed Equine has the ability to maximize a horse’s anerobic performance while simultaneously protecting against high-speed injuries. 

Diversify Training Tools

We offer a wide range of training tools to maximize a horse’s physical capabilities and mental willingness to excel.  These same training tools can target specific muscle groups for enhanced performance efficiencies.

Nutraceutical Program

Because we are the manufacturer of our own nutraceutical products, we can build formulas based on the specific needs of your horse.  Those formulas will  be comprised of the highest quality supplements available.  These formulations work great in conjunction with any of the service packages offered.

We have the knowledge, the science and the technology to protect and enhance these amazing athletes.  Antiquated processes should no longer be an option.


Onsite Therapeutic Tools

We have made substantial capital investment into the hardware and complimentary software to provide full analytics and therapy for performance and recovery

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