Our plan – our vision

To build the most trusted and recognized brand in the $200B worldwide equine performance market by developing and distributing cutting edge products and services that have been objectively validated. To lead a global Initiative to ensure all performance horses are treated with best in care practices


“It’s a massive fragmented market waiting for disruption, innovation and leadership.”

Owners are frustrated sourcing best-in-class products and services for their performance horses.  In addition, the validation of these products and services is usually subjective and opinion-driven.  Exceed Equine is developing and aggregating leading products and services and has validated them through its proprietary process and simultaneously uses them on its own stable of racehorses.  A claim no other brand or wholesaler can make.

Our Team

Visionaries, disruptors, believers in equine science.

How do you change an industry? By bringing together a group of like-minded individuals who demand change and whose experience drives motivation and compassion to make it happen.

Michael Calderone
Founder & CEO

Former CMO of the largest horseracing operation in America.

Dan Khasis
Founder & CTO

Expert in complex and large data sets, loT, sensors, logistics, supply chain and health care.

Paul Reid Ph.D.
VP, Product Development

Expert in new product development and formulations.

Leonie Sessing
VP, Operations

Renowned expert in equine physiology and kinesiology in conjunction with mechanical devices.

Sally Johnson, Ph.D.
Clinical Director

Leading equine researcher, 100+ published papers.

Amy Bullard
Special Advisor

Renown expert in equine wearables.

Michael Kotzen
Michael Kotzen

Vice President, Corporate Communication

Richard Duffelmeyer
Richard Duffelmeyer

Vice President, Corporate Communication














Our Family of Horses

In order to truly evaluate the technologies we are working with, we created a well balanced stable of Standardbred horses that fit a variety of classifications including


Yearlings Now 2YOs
We purchased a group of young, unraced horses so we can continue to perfect our profiling technologies, which allow us to identify the expected level of physical ability ( horses may have long before their racing career begin

2YOs Now 3YOs
This group is mostly comprised of well bred, well conformed 2 YOs that we believe, through the combination of an extended time off and the implementation of our training protocols can significantly produce a better racehorse for their 3YO season

Aged Racehorses
This group of horses have a longer track records of performance and would therefore be considered or classified with very specific performance limitations. By implementing our training, therapeutic and nutritional programs, it is possible to reprogram these horses and enhance their current performance to levels that would surpass peak performances that have been achieved earlier in their careers.

Follow For profiles and updates from the stables follow us.


Please review our list of FAQ’s. We will update this regularly. Please use the contact form for questions not found here.

Why invest in Exceed?

Disruptive technologies can lead to substantial financial returns, but Exceed offers more than that. We are a platform for the equine athlete ensuring best practices for their overall health and wellbeing. We also provide the opportunity to participate in the heart-pounding, exhilarating fun and excitement associated with racehorse ownership.

As an investor, how do I track the horses?

Exceed will soon be launching EXCEED ONE, the first of its kind application accessible right through your phone giving you instant access to a wide array of data including racing, health, training, wagering, real time video, and so much more exciting information with one-touch access ensuring a personal and up-close view of your horses.

Does Exceed plan to go public?

Currently, Exceed’s goal is to offer dividend payments to its shareholders, though the Company will not rule out any type of exit strategy in the future.

Can I wager on our horses?

Once we launch the EXCEED ONE app, shareholders along with their friends and family will have the ability to watch and wager in real time on any of their horses, raising the bar on thrills and excitement associated with racehorse ownership.

From an Ownership perspective, what is the difference between Exceed and public racing syndicates?

Racing syndications offer fractional ownership in a single horse or a specific group of horses. Exceed offers ownership in the entire Company, which includes its racehorses. Most syndications profit from their members. Exceed generates profits for its members because they are shareholders of Exceed. Bottom line, your interest and Exceed’s interest are aligned.

Does my investment size in Exceed matter?

Exceed only wants you to participate t a level where you are comfortable and legally allowable. Whether that is $200 or $200,000 is irrelevant from the standpoint of the emotional and exciting returns you will experience. For the starter investor, our motto is, for the price of a good dinner out, you can take an equity position in Exceed. Typically, the enjoyment of the night out is gone the next day, but the thrill, excitement and potential financial returns once invested in Exceed could last a lifetime. With Exceed, it’s not just about financial gains; it’s knowing that you are contributing to our efforts to ensure best in class practices for the equine athlete while we provide you with a platform of entertainment that you can share with your friends and family week after week.

Why does Exceed Equine own racehorses?

We are a research company driven by data and science. Other so-called product developers that own horses utilize retired horses in a non-competitive environment to develop and test their products. By owning our own stable of racehorses, Exceed develops and then validates all of our technologies in an absolute controlled, consistent environment while competing in live races for real purse earnings. What better validation is there than the combination of objective scientific proof and winning races? Not only is Exceed Equine putting its money where its mouth is, it allows us to earn while we learn. It also provides great entertainment value to our shareholder base as they join in on the fun and excitement cheering their horses to victory. Finally, why hire an expensive spokesperson when you have a barn full of future celebrity equine athletes who deserve all the credit.

What is Exceed Equine’s long-term goal?

To become the most trusted brand in the performance horse market, delivering products and services globally validated by science and proven effective on our own stable of racehorses. Simultaneously, we are developing new protocols that will educate all industry participants on best practices for the ultimate care of our equine athletes.

Why does Exceed Equine own Standardbred horses and not the more popular Thoroughbred breed?

Although the Thoroughbred market (flat racing) is significantly larger, for testing and validation purposes, the Standardbred (harness racing) industry stands out. Standardbreds are less expensive, sturdier, and have longer careers on average than Thoroughbreds, allowing us to achieve our goals sooner.

What are the different types of technologies that Exceed Equine utilizes and are they proprietary?

We utilize sensor technology that we license through partners to actually collect the raw data generated by the horse. It is our proprietary process that transfers that data into actionable information that is utilized to improve performance, fitness, health and overall equine welfare. We also utilize technologies that are shared with our investors allowing them to take a more intimate role in monitoring the horses.

How do you know it works?

We are constantly testing and iterating on our own horses using baseline and trend data. This allows us to evolve our training and care protocols to make certain our horses are getting the maximum benefit from the Exceed system. Upon validation, the products will be sold direct or through third-party distributors, and the services will be offered exclusively through our training, rehabilitation and valuation centers.

Where are you located?

Our initial facility is located in New Egypt NJ where the company operates on approximately 30 acres. Our facility includes our own private track with custom surfaces, stalls for 30 horses, an approximate 6,000 sq.ft. therapy, training and research facility that includes some of the latest technologies such as high-speed training, an evaluation treadmill, water treadmills, walking and jogging incline treadmills, as well as special therapy cold-water spas. In addition, the facility contains the latest in therapy and training tools.

What are some of the programs that Exceed Equine will offer?

A. Our programs will include profiling (the ability to determine a horse’s maximum performance level prior to the beginning of his racing career, lameness detection and treatment programs, physical and mental stress evaluation programs, and many others.

Does Exceed Equine make some of the products that they sell or are they just a distributor?

Exceed manufacturers a full line of nutraceutical products that are tested on its own stable of racehorses and validated through objective scientific processes. Exceed Equine has spent years sourcing out the best products from global manufacturers, not necessarily visible or readily available to performance horse owns. After validation with our own stable of racehorses, Exceed executes distribution agreements, in some cases exclusive, with these product developers. Our goal is to be a one-stop solution for best-in-class equine performance products.

Why am I better off buying products and services from Exceed Equine than other websites?

Exceed Equine understands the importance of product visibility and validation along with the process of simplistic purchasing. Our goal is to be the largest aggregator of performance-based products and services providing the ultimate one-stop shop for performance horse owners.

Will Exceed Equine own other types of racehorses besides Standardbreds?

Our stable of Standardbred racehorses represents our initial entrance into racing. As we continue to evolve and create success with our proprietary health and training programs, we will expand into the Thoroughbred arena. Exceed knows that the more disciplines we represent, the more visual the brand becomes while simultaneously growing our shareholder and fan base.

Equine Retirement & Rescue Links

Exceed Equine is fully committed to giving back to the equine community, in particular to those special horses who have been deemed unworthy of a dignified and comfortable retirement.  We are committed to supporting equine slaughter rescue, rehome, rehab and retirement.  Please access these links for further information if you would like to join us in these efforts.  We look forward to showcasing some of our new rescued friends on our website soon.

Do you run a rescue or retirement organization?

Exceed Equine is partnering with several retirement/rescue organizations and will collaborate to furnish support for your efforts.  Tell us more and we’ll be in touch.



An opportunity like no other…

Exceed is on a mission to ensure the long-term protection and wellbeing of all performance horses . The combination of our state-of-the-art training facility in conjunction with interactive national media not only promotes the brand and brand objectives, but also extends an invitation to individuals to participate as shareholders and influencers to their own personal networks.

A dynamic investment offering financial, emotional and thrilling returns.

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“For the price of a meal out, you can invest in an industry disrupting movement and the re-invention of horse racing”