Exceed Equine Becomes Sole Master Distributor for America Cryo Equine Therapy Products

Racehorse research, training, and rehabilitation facility Exceed Equine has become the sole master distributor of equine therapeutic products from America Cryo. Exceed Equine will utilize these products in conjunction with Exceed’s proprietary technologies to research and develop multi-step rehabilitation treatment protocols for equine athletes.

Cutting-edge research and rehabilitation facility Exceed Equine has announced a master distribution agreement with America Cryo, a manufacturer of specialty therapy equipment for both human and equine athletes. The contract positions Exceed Equine as the master distributor of equine therapeutic products, allowing them to sell at all distribution levels while simultaneously testing the products on their own stable of horses using objective processes to identify the most efficient equine therapy programs.

“We are wildly excited about this relationship with America Cryo and the cutting-edge technologies they have brought to the equation,” says CEO of Exceed Equine, Mike Calderone. “Not only will we resell these products, but we are also users. By having access to all their therapy equipment in conjunction with our objective sensor technology, we can design sophisticated, multi-equipment therapy protocols when treating horses with injuries, similar to the processes found with injured elite human athletes. In addition, Exceed will also sell service packages that include the use of the equipment on our client horses at our research, training and rehabilitation facility in New Egypt, New Jersey.”

America Cryo’s suite of products complements the already extensive line of rehabilitation and therapy equipment found at Exceed Equine’s facility, boasting some of the most modern and sophisticated equipment available.

America Cryo has developed innovative therapies and devices designed to relieve pain, speed healing, and return your horse to a healthy and active lifestyle. America Cryo also offers human-therapeutic devices that are fast and effective in relieving pain without medication or invasive procedures. The two divisions position America Cryo as an international innovator for effective technology-driven therapeutic devices.

Exceed Equine operates a state-of-the-art training facility using sensor-driven technology and AI analytics to avoid subjective decisions with performance horses. In conjunction with the latest analysis, rehabilitation, and training tools to enhance performance and longevity, Exceed Equine adds substantial value to these animals while increasing the likelihood of a productive second career after primary service. Founder and CEO Michael Calderone has spent 30 years in the horseracing industry, including CMO for the largest racetrack operator in North America.